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للبيع عقارات

Pirmasens position:
– Pirmasens belongs to the federal state Rheinland-Pfalz
– short distances to many international cities like Frankfurt, München und Stuttgart, Paris, Brüssel
– quiet and central environment
– (urban)quaint village with one of the greatest varity of landscapes of Germany (Pfälzerwald)
– starting point for tours and day trips in west europe within travel in Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Austria etc.
– location: with car 1 hour 15 minutes to frankfurt airpot
– pirmasens is situated at the border to France (10 km length of border) Direct flights to frankfurt:
there are from all Arab capitals direct flights to Frankfurt (4-5 hours ) only short drive from Frankfurt to Pirmasens
– The Style Outlet is the largest outlet in Germany and is located in Südwestpfalz . The Outlet is close to the border between Germany, France and Luxembourg. Further more the Outlet is near to traditional travel locations ( about 15 minutes )
– Motorrad/ Quad fahren: the region around pirmasens offers Bikern and unadventurous families a wide range of charmin landscapes and idyllic routes. From there you can drive to the neighboring France. During the journey you have the possibilty to see many sights.
– Mountainbike park: You can go by bicycle along the river. The cycle tracks take you in the forest with breathtaking landscapes.
– Wasserspielplatz Strecktal : At the centre from pirmasens is a water playground. The water playground is a delight for the whole family.
– Strecktal-Park: The multifunctional landscape park is a place where visitors and guests can relax, go for a walk and play.
(about 2 minutes
– Schuhmuseum Pirmasens : In the shoe museum visitors can travel trough the history of shoeproduction which was an important factor in the economic success of the town. (about 30 minutes)
– Pirmasenser Luft- und Bade park: both in summer and winter the swimming pool offers you recreation, fun and sport. The swimming pool has a large sauna area and giant slide. ( about 5 minutes )
– Der Holiday Park : europes leading amusement park (about 1 hour)
– Europa-Park germany‘s biggest amusement park: The parc is one of the biggest attractions and destinations of the region
( about 2 hours)
– Rennbahn Zweibrücken GERMAN RACING (about 20 minutes) adventure sport since 188 years. Horse racing is an ancestral sport. There you can bet on the fast and elegant horses from germany.
– Dynamikum : the technology museum can be a wonderful experience for the whole Family. In the unique interactive museum people can live out their natural curiosity about their environment and get to know phenomena from the nature and technology ( in the downtown pirmasens)
– Europes rosegarden : a wonderful ambiance and a green oasis in the heart of the city with many outstanding blossoms and roses. The rose garden has become the trademark of the neighbouring town Zweibrücken.( 2o minutes )
– Sea Life Speyer: The visitiors have the possibilty to see the underwater world ( about 1hour 10 minutes)
– The biggest dam of the Forest Pfälzerwald Gelterswoog: this lake is great for swimming, walking, fishing, diving and sailing. There is also a playground with volleyball court, table tennis table, football pitch and a play area with a climbing castle. The promenade offers many other possibilities like to golf at the miniature golf course and to sailing/diving at the sailing club. In the summer a beer garden offers additional refreshment.

( about 25 minutes)
– Hohe Loog: it is 618,7 m high
– Many hiking trails
– ‚Hohe Loog Haus‘ the cottage is situated at a height of 620 m in a beautiful landscape
– Magnificent view to the woodland Südpfalz, Schwarzwald und Odenwald
– The restaurant offers seating for about 250 and a large outdoor seating area. The unspoiled nature invites you to extensive hiking, or visit of one of the many attractions nearby. A number of restaurants in the village and on the mountains invite you on their big sun terraces where tasty dishes are being served.
– Steigerkopf is 613,6 m high. The region has been designated an area of exceptional natural beauty
– Natur house Naturfreundehaus in the midst of the largest coherent woodlands of Germany
• reginal meals & comfortable guest rooms
• big beer garden
• family or company celebrations are possible
• near-natural playground
– Schafkopf is a 616,8 m high mountain in the middle of the Pfälzerforest. Abbove the summit leads a popular walking tour to the border from Maikammer and Sankt Martin. Along this route you will find a large number of historic border stones.
– Roßberg is a 637 m high mountain, the third highest mountain of the Pfälzerforest. This Mountain offers perfect conditions for hiking posibilities.
– Running waters: in the near of the Mountains lies the source `Kaltes Wasser`.
– Blättersberg : is a 613,2 m high mountain.
– Tower: the tower ´ludwigsturm´ with the heigh of 15 metres was built in 1883 .There is a beautiful view directly of the east to the Rhein ebene and the castle villa.
– In the southern foot of the Mountain nestles the historical building ´Buschmühle`
– There are many posibillities to reach the top of the Blättersberg mountain : You can take the chairlift from the villa to the Rietcastle (530,8 m). Then take the walking tour with walking time of 30 minutes to the Ludwigstower.
– Brogberg is a 567 m high mountain in the west of Iggelbach, which are a district of Elmstein.
Northeast of the mountain arises the Iggelbach, southern flank the Blattbach. The brog-mountain belongs to the community elmstein district.- Der Clausensee: is a dam in the Schwarzbach-valley of the western Pfälzerforest.- Isenachweiher :is a dam of Isenach.- left tributary of the River ´Rhein
– It is a matter of an areal territory with 68 apartments with 70 – 100 qm .
The apartments have 3-4 rooms, which are equipped with satallite channels including arabian canal.
– The Diwwaniyya is an ideale residence oppurtunity with comfortable communal areas for relaxing and meeting people.
– The apartments have two baths, a car parking space and a balcony with a view to the largest connected woodland ( Pfälzerwald)
– In addition are there a footballpitch and barbecue spots.
– The location of the arpartments is near to the city and to one of the biggest university hospitals of germany with 100 clinic buildings.
– There will all medical Offer rendered
– The apartments are just a few minutes from downtown located.
– All key destinations (shopping facilities, restaurants and freetime activities ) are within walking distance.

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